Monday, 17 October 2011

Running Sore


My CA125 which detects cancer in the blood has gone from 5 to 7 this is not
really bad as normal is 0 to 35 but I am sorry it has gone up at all. I have
had readings of 75 before the op to remove the ovaries, then 9, 7, two 5s
and now 7 again.

But I am not surprised really with all this going on with the hernia. I had the op on August 31st and the wound is still bleeding. Today, as I was in the clinic, the surgeon who did the op had a look at the wound. He says the mesh he put in is probably infected. They have given me more anti-biotics and an appointment at Charing Cross hospital to see an expert. I might have to have the whole thing again, or at least be opened up to take out the mesh. I am really fed up with this!

Trot around Tescos buying healthy (ie life saving foods) thinking, “this is not really working. I can’t live like this," – I mean the cancer check ups, the fluctuations between numbers, not all the other extra stuff.

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