Monday, 31 October 2011


As you get older living in London gets to be more of a trial, this is of course unless you have made the shed loads of money you intended to make when you first came here.

Services are cracking, even the post is bad and the neighbours, well. On my right there was a young couple. I used to chat to them outside but I heard yesterday that they’d left. I felt a slight shock – why didn’t they say goodbye? Am I mad. Would anyone in London bother to do that?

It’s not just London mind-you. The English are not a very neighbourly lot. My mother’s next door neighbours recently left after 25 years. They’d been very good to her and when they said they were going she was upset, privately, and became slightly depressed. Then one day they were gone, without a word. She was more upset, but felt slightly better when she discovered that the people on the other side of her house were very angry about this silent exit. In fact the whole lane was annoyed. It was considered at least very rude. But in London we don’t have delicate feelings like that anymore.

The English are not a friendly people, and the northern races are not known for their hospitality. But England is probably the only place where even invited guests feel they should apologise for turning up.


  1. London is a different country to the rest of England or the UK for that matter.