Monday, 17 October 2011

Running Battle

I’ve had a reply to the complaint I made about the strange man who attended me when I went into A & E in Hammersmith in early September.

“O’s” colleagues apparently describe him as "unassuming and quiet." No, that does not reflect my experience when I was with him. He came across to me as extremely cocky but also chaotic. He gave the impression by what he said, or did not say, and his manner of being dangerously unprofessional. He never introduced himself or gave his job title, which is why I tried to see his name on his ID card and made a note of it. He had me worried from the start. There was no "breakdown in communication," as the letter of reply says, his communication skills were nil.

According to the letter he discussed with me what he was doing and what the bags of fluid were for, and found out what I had been prescribed. I pointed out to him the pills I'd bought back in with me, some anti-biotics and Tramadol. He looked at them for a few seconds and threw them back into my bag without a word.

He has apparently told them that he offered to “clean and dress” my wound. “He noticed that the dressing was oozing.” There was NO dressing. That came off when I had a haemorrhage at home. He did not offer to clean the wound. He said there was "vaginal bleeding,” which there wasn't. He’s told them that when I refused to let him get into my knickers he asked a female nurse to clean the wound and change the dressing - who was that nurse? The letter doesn’t say. It does mention a nurse Tan.
She was the nurse in blue I to spoke to, telling her I was afraid of O.
She stared at me blankly, laughed and went out. Apparently she doesn’t remember that at all, but strangely despite not knowing what I said, she came back regularly and kept checking on me.

The letter doesn’t mention why O offered to keep my blouse and my bag and "bring them up later."

He’s not got off Scott free mind you. Apparently he has been reminded of the Trust’s “conversation at work policy,” because he spoke Arabic and ignored me completely when another man appeared and they took me up to the ward.

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