Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Not a Lucky Day

Yesterday, Oct 17th wasn’t exactly my best.

Apart from hearing that I might have to be reopened like an old tin, it says on the new anti-biotics that I can’t drink, for seven days. I have just bought a case of wine from Virgin Wines, who seem quite good, very friendly and offer a lot of discounts. I am craving a glass of Cavallino Brachetto d’Acqui II Cascinone 2009 but it just has to sit there unopened.

Also spoke to the people at National Insurance, HM Customs & Revenue, which they of course call Revenue and Customs, and learned that I won’t get my state pension until I am 65. Boy I could have done with that money sooner than that – not that I know what it will be. If you want a forecast to find out that bit of bad news you have to ring another number.
I know a lot of women who got their pension at 60. They must be about £50k up on the rest of us who were born a bit later. I also know many women who say they will now have to work till they drop. This pension change has been particularly hard on women. What a mistake to ever say we were exactly the same as men!

What I need now is some GOOD NEWS, not connected with the Bible. You only get that sort of thing when you have done something practical to bring it about. I missed the art exhibition entry due to the haematoma, I have entered a travel writing competition – but mostly my days are empty, lacking structure and purpose.

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