Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Royal intimations

A new royal child is on the way, most people are happy but some of us are rattled.
It’s unsettling to realise that this new baby of the blood, will not get a chance at the throne for at least sixty years.
I will never see it become a sovereign. If it turns out to be twins I will also miss the civil war which might ensue,  and  I doubt if I will be around for King William V.
On the radio today other middle aged people were commiserating because they will never see another diamond jubilee, the next one will probably occur in the 22nd century.
All I can hope is to see the coronation of Charles Philip Arthur George and I hope he doesn’t mess it up by relinquishing the title, Defender of the Faith.
 I wonder which name he will take. He could style himself King Arthur II which would be fun.
Rather than coffee spoons I am living out my life in royal crowns, and owing to the tough royal genes and increasing longevity, one coronation is all any of us are likely to get.