Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Good News

Shortly after saying I needed some good news I got a call from Roz at Hounslow Animal Rescue. She told me that a cat I rescued from a house where he had no name, no toys, no litter tray, has now been successfully re-homed and now answers to the name of Sidney.

She also sent me some lovely photos of him in his new abode. After spending a year living in a smelly darkened room under a bed, hiding from a violent, deranged boy, he seems to have gone to a completely cat-friendly home, with heated cat seats, toys, feline igloos, cat flaps a warm office to patrol, and lots of attention. One extreme to t’other, although he does have to negotiate his space with Alf, another young male cat.

I have written a piece about rescuing this cat which will be in the December issue of the Salisbury Review.

So I have achieved something recently, but I am spending most of my time, at least this week, in mid October, living very like a cat; seeking out warm spots, curling up and lapsing into sleep.

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