Monday, 21 May 2012

Other Adventures


Apart from reclaiming my territory from the bug-eyed Welshman and his hygienic wife, I had my three monthly  blood test today at the cancer clinic in Hammersmith Hospital.
How things have changed since all that started almost exactly two years ago – they have moved the chemo clinic upstairs, removed the large fish-tank and replaced it with a large flat screen TV and you no longer seem to have to queue for hours in a corridor.
I am different too, at least this time.  I felt no fear, no dread. Watching the face of Robin Gibb appear on the TV screen, I thought more about the day I once spent with him and his wife rather than the fact he has just been killed by cancer.
I have grown accustomed to the situation. I am almost blasé as I wait for the nasty little sting in my arm. I am also buoyed up by the words of the doctor I saw three months ago who told me that after two years there is a chance of survival. Hope she is right.

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