Saturday, 26 May 2012

Here Comes the Sun


Getting used to breathing easily now that the thieving Robsons have gone. Went out into the garden this morning without the unpleasant feeling that curtains were twitching above me. There was a robin on the garden table, haven’t seen him or her for a while, and a tiny little bird balancing merrily on top of one of those tall thistley things. It was almost as if they were greeting me, I had come back into their zone.
Later I remembered more things missing from the flat. Perhaps Robson is a case of nominative determinism?
I haven’t got a recent inventory and didn’t bother with it much as all my previous tenants were honest. They had an enormous amount of stuff when they moved in which surprised me as I was offering a furnished flat. Now I wonder if they do this if they regularly acquire property from other people.
Well, never mind. Taffy was a Welshman as they still used to sing when I was a child, along with De Camptown Races and Paddy McGinty’s Motor Car.  

Treated myself to a day out in  town, in the new sunshine, first to the Royal Portrait show at the Mall Gallery, which I found had finished the week before, then the Bauhaus exhibition over at the Barbican.
If I had a dog I could build it a  Bau wow wow haus. 

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