Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Royal correspondence

On June 7th I wrote to the new Duchess of Cambridge asking if she might take an interest in the charity, Ovarian Cancer Action.
No response. I rang the office at Clarence House today. They only got my letter on October 4th for some reason, well at least they got it, and as they have had 60,000 other letters they are just getting ready to reply now.
Picture some poor person beavering away below stairs in the great old palace, opening and passing on all those missives. I wonder if the girl herself ever gets to see and touch the letters.
The woman I spoke to wouldn't say how many people they now have to employ opening Kate's mail but she says it's "quite a few."
A new example of job creation, and she says, "very exciting and wonderful."


  1. Lovely article in the Telegraph today

  2. Thank you. I am glad it struck a chord!