Monday, 7 November 2011

Disgusted of Acton


I’ve got to stop reading newspaper columnists as they get me so stirred up. Of course I’d love to have a column of my own, what an off-loading of bile, what a superb weekly defaecation that would be. One reason I fell out with the Mail was that they wouldn’t unpigeon-hole me from Features and give me the chance to comment.

Like most people I can only sit back and read the opinions of wealthy journalists, writing with elegant fountain pens from their homes in Chipping Norton and Pewsy, about an England I do not recognise.

On Sunday Dominic Lawson declared that he is not worried about predictions that the UK population will soon rise to 70 million. When he was a newspaper editor I believe he used to commute to work by helicopter. I doubt that he now uses the bus or tube, or that he and his family have to struggle to find an NHS doctor or dentist and wait for appointments. He probably doesn't have to worry about his place on a housing list or getting his children into goodish schools which have a preponderance of English speakers. I don't think he is likely to find himself living in an area which suddenly becomes an ethnic ghetto.

More power to Mr Lawson, he is a good, ballsy chap, but like most wealthy people he doesn't see or feel the effects of mass immigration and population growth. He doesn’t have to look at the everyday vandalism of this country.

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  1. I imagine that the good folks in Tunbridge Wells are pretty disgusted too!