Monday, 29 August 2011

Bank hol

30th August. Bank Holiday.

I don’t have to worry so much about doing something useful and using my day well today, I can let myself off the hook as this is officially a national holiday.

I bought my first Xmas present today – madness, it is still August, but you have to buy appropriate things when you see them. It was a shopping trolley for my mother. She probably won’t like it, but she might dislike it less than other things.

An estate agent is following me on Twitter. A bit sinister, I wonder what he wants?

There is a large lorry parked at the end of the road with an array of kettle drums and large lights on the back. A few black people have gathered around, leaning on it, straining to look happy. The Notting Hill carnival really gets going to day and this thing looks as welcome to me as an armed tank.

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