Saturday, 27 August 2011

Back in fantasy land NHS

Sat 27th August

Yesterday I had to go to Queen Charlotte’s hospital for “pre-clerking” for my operation to remove an incisional hernia, caused by a scalpel.
I got a text message from the Imperial College group, so cutting edge in technology, but unfortunately they told me to go to the wrong hospital, instructing me to go to Hammersmith at 10.30 am. I knew was going back into the Victor Bonney ward, where I was before, at Charlotte’s.
I set out early as usual, not wanting to hang around at home. At 8.30am I got to my picture framers in Nottinghill, collected some paintings and then walked to the hospital arriving just after 9am.
They saw me right away, which was great, and I left at 10.30. When I got home I realised that the time given for the appointment on a letter from Charlotte’s was 9am – so I got there in time purely by whim!
I am back on the dreaded Victor Bonney ward next week, but I am now worried because at the clerking they didn’t give me any letter to show when I get there, so it might be tricky. I have been there twice before and both times they said I had come on the wrong day and there was no bed for me, even though there was. It was chaotic and the nurse on the desk surly and rather aggressive, whistling through here teeth at me, as if my turning up was a damn nuisance to her. If I arrive at 7 am without a letter they will probably do this again.
I hope to be out the same day, but no one is sure. The doctors talked about staying in another day if I needed to, and when I get home having community support from a district nurse if necessary. I know from experience that this is fantasy.
Any how, Victor Bonney here I come.

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