Sunday, 3 June 2012


Sunday 3rd June.

Last week I found a Coronation copy of Good Housekeeping in a second hand shop. It wasn't as lively  as I hoped but it did include a recipe telling readers how to make an exact replica of St Edward's Crown, the great state crown, out of jelly. I think some of those bored ladies on the staff were having a bit of a laugh.
Ventured up to Piccadilly in the rain and watched on a big screen set up in the street as Queenie boarded  her boat looking very vulnerable her white hat sticking up. I watched standing next to a friendly policeman as tables were laid all along the highway for a festive lunch. I had just had mine at St Michael's Church, far too much of it; Coronation Chicken followed by at least three puddings.
This image show me standing in the RA in front of my painting, "Dead Hand."
In the  Royal Academy again,  found that my painting has now sold, which was a bit of a relief. A red dot can mean a lot.
It was on sale for £600. The gallery takes 40%. On the right you can see a tiny bit, about £3,000 worth of the painting by Miss Eszter Karpati MA (RCA) from Hungary, priced £15,000. So far it has had no takers, but there is time yet.
Miss Joel Penkman's painting turned out to be quite large and it sold almost immediately. The Summer Show is both a lottery and a mystery as to what people buy.
I think I remember her painting of some strawberries in the Discerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Gallery  two years ago.  She is obviously one to watch.
When I came out the rain was sheeting down, the tables were useless and the lunchers had all gone. We joined a crowd heading for the tube station with our rotten brollies. Horribly crowded at the top of the escalators, but I did manage to get a seat all the way home as the tourists all crowd into the first few carriages. Like most people who were out in London today I am now waiting for the late news coverage on TV so I can see something of what happened.


  1. Yippee! Well done for that red dot.

    PS Front carriage of the Tube is usually the most empty.

    1. Thank you so much. I hope you go and see the show.
      I am a front carriage hopper - you can see us congregate there like a hungry pack of wolves, while the poor tourists get into overcrowded carriages.