Sunday, 1 January 2012

Towel Heads say no to towels!


The infant year is kicking well: In February I am going to the Maldives to write about a new hotel and luxury spa. I have even got a commission to write it as a “Spa Spy” piece for the D Telegraph. Turned on Radio4 this morning and heard that the government of the Maldives has given in to pressure from minority Shia Muslims, and closed down all health spas which they say are, "Un Islamic"!
Times have changed. I was there covering the Miss World contest for the Daily Mail. The contestants were all enormously tall, a kind of bikini clad Strelzi, and after they'd all gone home and my work was done I spent a week walking about on an island completely naked. My bottom got badly burned and I developed a raging fever. When I returned to my thatched beach hut, a nice looking South African man who worked in the bar came in with some ice-cubes in a pink napkin and pressed them onto the wounded skin. It partly worked, my temperature came down, but his went up.

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