Saturday, 10 December 2011

London Life

Sat 10th December.

I’ve got a bad cold but trying to prepare a Christmas lunch for tomorrow. One of the knobs on the little Turkish “Beko” cooker came off in my hand. I stuck its parts together with glue and shoved it back, hoping it will see me through. Then while I was cooking a rather fiddly thing with potatoes I realised I had no hot water, and with it no heating.

Rummaged around for the letter from British Gas giving my policy number, which sits below their words: “ Sit back, relax and continue to enjoy expert service for another year.”

They said they would come out between 12 - 6pm. I felt vaguely anxious all afternoon, a feeling I associate with depending on the Royal Mail for anything. At 4pm they rang to say they can't come out as there are "too many calls."

They begged me to reschedule, I stood firm. Then they said they would only come if I was in an emergency category. I didn't mention the lunch tomorrow, but I said I have flu, rather than a cold and it’s freezing here. Not good enough. So then I had to tell them I have been having treatment for cancer. It was embarrassing having to say that, just to get them to perform a service I am already paying for!

Also, how is it we have got so much unemployment but they haven't got enough engineers?

Any how, when my guests get here I hope to have everything assembled somehow. Or I might put the food in the oven and go to bed, they can serve themselves and bring me Lemsip!

- The engineer arrived at 8pm and told me the boiler needs “flushing,” not quite as bad as having to buy a new one. British Gas charge about £850 to do it.

Look it up on line later and saw that a lot of companies do it, nearly all of them for about £400.

- British Gas came again the following day as I was preparing my Christmas Sunday lunch. Even though they had come on the wrong day they got the right door for the first time ever.

- Monday – another text from British Gas saying they are coming round. They must really like it here. Wonder if I can find them something useful to do.

Happily they didn’t show up.

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